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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do with pagekit?

With Pagekit you can create powerful content for the web that works perfectly on every device. on what matters most, managing your content. The perfect platform for a thriving extension and theme ecosystem. Distribute your work instantly to a global community.

How does the SDS-PAGE sample prep kit work?

The SDS-PAGE Sample Prep Kit uses a unique resin composed of modified diatomaceous earth that binds protein in the presence of DMSO. The simple protocol involves combining 2 to 350 µL of sample, containing up to 70 µg of protein, with 20 µL of the PAGEprep Resin in DMSO (supplied).

What is the new kit Academy?

ANNOUNCING THE NEW KIT ACADEMY! On Thursday, April 1, 2021, the KIT Online Learning Center you have used to access our best-in-class disability inclusion and behavior support training, becomes KIT Academy with a fresh, more-modern look and exciting new features.

What are some real press kit page examples?

You the real press kit page examples below to create your own. 1. Unitel Voice Unitel Voice offers a clean look to their press kit page. Note how they list a few rules for how to refer to their brand. This creates brand consistency no matter who refers to them or what coverage they receive.

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