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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the PES 2021 kit creator compatible with PES 2020?

Info The PES 2021 Kit Creator is compatible with PES 2021, PES 2020, PES 2019 and PES 2018 on PC and PS4. How to Import Kits Here's a guide by Konami on how to import kits into PES on the PlayStation 4.

How do I download PES 2019 option files for PS4?

How to download and import PES 2019 option files So before anything else, on your PC or laptop, format your USB stick to FAT32. To do this, select the USB, right-click, then properties and then Format. Then create a new folder and name it as WEPES. Next, find yourself a PES 2019 option files for PS4.

What's new in the PTE patch 3 for PES 2019?

The PTE Patch 3.0 is released now for PES 2019 with Bundesliga Full Licensed and Sider for Scoreboard auto switcher! Also the PTE Patch 3.0 for PES 2019 has new third kits for some clubs, new faces and new bootpack.

Can You import teams from option file in PES 2019?

PES 2019 enables players to import kits, crests, and teams using an option file. Through this PES 2019 creator, you can now use real-life teams, leagues, and logos. Just use our PES 2019: How to import kits, crests and teams with option file below.

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