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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Kiwi a fruit?

A kiwi fruit, also called a "kiwi," "kiwifruit," or "Chinese gooseberry," is a sweet, citrusy, brownish-green fruit approximately the size of a chicken's egg. The fruit's skin is covered with a soft fuzz, which can be removed with a knife or peeler to make it easier to eat.

Is kiwi fruit or kiwi fruits?

Health Benefits of Kiwi Fruit: Improves Digestion: Kiwis are a very good source of dietary fiber which improves digestive health and binds and removes toxins from the colon, thus preventing colon cancer. Improves Immune Function: The high content of vitamin C along with several other antioxidant compounds in kiwi fruit has proven to be effective in beneficially modulating the immune system. Blood Pressure Management: The high level of potassium in kiwis plays an important role in body cells by maintaining the balance of body fluids and electrolytes. More items...

What are Kiwi kids?

Kiwi Kids Preschool is an established Early Learning Centre providing quality childcare to families. Kiwi Kids is conveniently located in the Linden Grove Estate, Hillmorton and is under the private ownership of Nathan and Kelly Astle. Kiwi Kids is a centre like no other.

What are kiwi plants?

Kiwi plants (Actinidia spp.), also called kiwifruit vines, are native to the mountainous regions of southwestern China. Kiwi vines produce oblong fruits with fuzzy brown skins and bright-green, sweet but tart flesh containing many tiny black seeds.

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