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Frequently Asked Questions

Is la villetta a good restaurant?

La Villetta is a must go, wonderful spot I am so glad to have found. The food is hot or miss but always disappointing in some way at this price point; be it the service, the portion, the flavor, freshness, or accuracy, you can never expect all boxes to be checked; something is always a miss at this cute, homey Italian spot.

Why la villetta Puglia?

The inspiration for La Villetta comes from frequent trips to a similar concept in Roma, Italy and a love for Italian food. The cuisine, wine and cocktail lists are reflective of dishes local to Puglia on the menu while also incorporating well known dishes from Northern Italy.

Where can I find a good Italian restaurant in Farmingdale?

WELCOME! 968 Fulton Street Route 109, Farmingdale, New York. Serving traditional italian cuisine.

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