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Frequently Asked Questions

Did the Lakers coach die in a bicycle accident?

Now, the head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers nearly dying via bicycle accident, really, is the moment you'd think Winning Time would've fictionalized for added drama, but this moment is pretty damn close to reality.

What if Lakers coach Jack McKinney didn't ride his bike?

If Lakers coach Jack McKinney hadn’t decided to ride his bike to a tennis date with assistant Paul Westhead on Nov. 8, 1979 the course of the team’s history might have been different — and so would the course of several men’s lives.

What happened to Jack McKinney in the 1979 bike accident?

What Happened To Jack McKinney In the 1979 Bike Accident? In 1979, he met a bike accident that ended his coaching career with the lakers; this accident pushed him out of his career for a long time. It was a time he joined the Lakers as a head coach and was making progress.

When did Jim McKinney leave the Lakers?

McKinney had left an assistant’s job in Portland to coach the Lakers in 1979 and soon installed the foundation of the Showtime era.

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