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Frequently Asked Questions

Who was number 13 on the Lakers?

Number 13: Perhaps out of superstition, the number 13 has been worn by only five players in Laker history. Their names were Tony Jaros, Jim Holston, Corky Devlin, Wilt Chamberlain and Dwight Jones. One of these things is not like the others. Number 14: Here's where I started to wonder whether this series is really such a great idea.

What is the Lakers all time record?

The Los Angeles Lakers hold the record for the longest winning streak in NBA history. They won 33 straight games in the 1971–72 season, compiling a season-best 69–13 record and went on to win the NBA Finals. Has any NBA team won a series Down 3 0? NBA teams have overcome 3–1 deficits 13 times, only one of which occurred in the NBA Finals. The NBA is the only major North American sport with a seven-game playoffs series where no team has overcome a 3–0 deficit.

Who wore number 0 for the Lakers?

W. Russell Westbrook chose #0 with the Lakers for a valid reason. On July 29, 2021, the same day as the draft night, it became official that Russell Westbrook was leaving Washington for his hometown in LA. In addition, Who got traded from the Lakers?

What is the net worth of the Los Angeles Lakers?

While Los Angeles Lakers's actual net worth is unknown, NetWorthSpot approximates that Los Angeles Lakers has a projected net worth of $62.49 million. However, a couple of folks have predicted that Los Angeles Lakers is really worth far more than that.

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