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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Lanlan-share and how to use it?

LAN-Share is available for Linux and Windows, so files can be shared between the two with next to no hassle. I want to walk you through the process of installing and using this remarkably handy network file sharing tool.

How do I share files using LAN-share?

The LAN-Share main window. Let's share a file to another machine. To do this, click the Send button and click Send Files. Navigate to (and select) the file (s) you want to share and click Open. A new window will popup, listing all of the available machines running LAN-Share ( Figure C ). Our LAN-Share-enabled machines.

What are the requirements to use LAN-share?

The only requirement is that both sender and recipient have the application installed and running. With LAN-Share at work, users only need to know which machine they want to send to. LAN-Share auto-discovers all machines running the app, so users only have to select from a list.

What is a file share?

File shares include centralized file hosting on a network server or a network drive or shared files or disks on a local computer. Often referred to as a "Z drive" on networked computers, it's a shared drive somewhere on the network.

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