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Frequently Asked Questions

What is SharePoint?

SharePoint Tutorial. This tutorial will give you an idea of how to get started with SharePoint development. Microsoft SharePoint is a browser-based collaboration, document management platform and content management system. After completing this tutorial, you will have a better understating of what SharePoint is and what are ...

Why map a network drive to a document library from SharePoint?

It makes sense to want to map a network drive to a document library from SharePoint in Microsoft 365 so that you can see the library's files in File Explorer.

What is SharePoint and how to get started?

So, let us get started. Microsoft SharePoint is one of the most powerful web-based CMS that offers browser-based productivity tools. It is designed as a cloud-based SaaS service that lets your organization share, manage, and collaborate on the content, knowledge base, and other ‘line of business applications’ LoB.

What is SharePoint planner in Microsoft 365?

SharePoint in Microsoft 365 Microsoft Planner Microsoft Planner is a Microsoft 365 service that lets you create boards and add your team's tasks and assignments. On your Planner board you can sort your tasks into columns (or buckets). Buckets can indicate stages of development, days of the week, sprints, and more.

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