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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Northern Ireland not part of the EU?

It stems from the fact that Ireland remains part of the European Union but Northern Ireland no longer is — and yet the two parts of the island are bound by trade and a 25-year-old peace treaty that helped defuse a terrorist conflict between Protestant unionists and Catholics.

Is Northern Ireland's rarest and most threatened species declining?

The report authors say more data is needed to assess trends in some of the rarest and most threatened species in Northern Ireland, which are seeing greater declines across the UK as a whole.

Did Northern Ireland see a doubling of public chargers?

"But we have to balance that by saying that after six years of seeing little to no change we recently saw a doubling of the amount of public chargers in Northern Ireland.

Why is Northern Ireland on the brink of ungovernability?

To administer the single market, the European Court of Justice was given authority to interpret E.U. law in Northern Ireland. This is the core of the grievance that has brought Northern Ireland to the brink of ungovernability. The controversy is often described as a trade dispute in a region torn between two political systems.

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