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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of Le in English?

Due to the widespread perception of le as being stereotypical of the language, it is often used by English speakers to Francize expressions or to mock sophistication in general. In rage comics, le serves as a preface to a word or sentence signifying an action, or in substitute of the.

Who is Dr Le?

Dr. Le is a Board Certified Neurologist with clinical interests in general neurology, headaches, stroke and pain. Prior to his relocation to Southern California, Dr. Le was in solo practice in the Boston, Massachusetts area. Dr. Le is married, and he and his wife Vana have three children. He enjoys traveling and seeing Broadway shows.

What is the meaning of the suffix -le?

-le a suffix of verbs having a frequentative force: dazzle; twinkle. a suffix of adjectives formed originally on verbal stems and having the sense of “apt to”: brittle. a noun suffix having originally a diminutive meaning: bramble.

What is the meaning of Le Car?

Le is the most commonly-used word in the French language [1] and as such, it is commonly associated with French by non-francophones. An early example of the use of le in the English language was the marketing of the French-made Renault 5 as "Le Car" in North America. In 1998, Le Car was referenced in an episode of Seinfeld titled The Dealership.

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