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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I confirm my UKG pro learning account?

The first time you log in, a confirmation message displays at the top of the window. Note: You must confirm your email address to receive UKG Pro Learning notifications. From the confirmation box, select Send Confirmation to initiate a confirmation email from Learning. Open the confirmation email and select Confirm Now.

Is your professional email address a marketing tool?

In the end, your professional email address is not just a place from which to send and receive mail. It is far more powerful than that. Instead, as you’ve seen, it is a marketing tool. To make more sales, your professional email address needs to work on your behalf to build trust, and to do that, there are three key rules:

How to create your first professional email address?

To follow are 4 rules on how to create your first  professional email address that will achieve what you want it to achieve: Table of Contents 1Rule #1: Keep your branding consistent 1.1Options and tools 2Rule #2: Don’t be fancy, keep it standard 2.1First name + domain ([email protected]) 2.2First name + surname initial + domain ([email protected])

How to send a professional email?

It’s important you include a subject line when sending a professional email so your audience knows exactly what to expect and is able to locate the message again easily, if needed. For example: 3. Greet the recipient with a proper salutation This is the first line of your email and generally acts as the greeting.

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