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Frequently Asked Questions

What is left lower lobe collapse of lung?

In a lobar collapse, there is a complete collapse of one of the lobes in either lung. When this happens, we see structures on the chest x-ray in places that they shouldn't be because of volume loss. For example, in left lower lobe collapse, the left lower lobe reduces in volume as air is resorbed from the alveoli.

How many lobes does the left lung have and why?

Unlike the right lung, there are only two lobes in the left lung: the superior (upper) and inferior (lower) lung lobes [3]. The left lung is a little smaller than the right lung because it has to make space for the heart (the cardiac notch) in the left side of the thoracic cavity.

What does lower lobe mean?

What is a lower lobe infiltrate? Generally, a lower lobe refers to the left or right lower lobe of the lung. So, a lower lobe infiltrate is a finding on the chest X-ray that there’s a gray shadow on the left or right lower lobe of the lung.

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