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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Kingdom Rush Legends of Kingdom Rush?

WELCOME TO LEGENDS OF KINGDOM RUSH! Embark on an epic journey through the medieval fantasy world of Kingdom Rush in this amazing RPG game with roguelike elements! An extraplanar menace of unprecedented proportions is attacking the realm!

How many events are there in Kingdom Rush?

Learn more about the Kingdom Rush universe with over 100 narrative events while you fight your way through lush forests, rugged mountains, and devastated wastelands. Prove yourself as a legend, playing Daily Challenges and competing for the top spot in our weekly Leaderboard.

What can you do in Kingdom Rush?

Recruit loyal heroes as you make your way through different adventures teeming with peril and opportunity. Explore ruins, find treasures, solve riddles and face formidable monsters as your party explores randomly generated settings in the beloved fantasy world of Kingdom Rush!

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