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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a black & color imaging kit for a Lexmark cx410de?

Recently replaced my Black & Color Imaging Kit for a Lexmark CX410DE. It was actually pretty easy, and this kit comes with the important 'innards' of the printer: new drums and developer units for all colors (CMY) and black (K).

How do I install the Lexmark cx410 printer driver?

CX410Series Print 1.0.0 10.5 forIntel.dmg;Lexmark CX410;Installs a print driver (including PostScript print Description (PPD) and Print Dialog Extension (PDE)) for your Lexmark printer in Intel machines running 10.5.8. Instructions: Download the file. Double-click on the file to mount as a disk image.

How long does a Lexmark imaging kit last?

Every 15k prints the "imaging kit low" pops up. On Lexmarks site it shows the kit is supposed to last 40k prints. Yes, I made sure the quantity is total prints (B&W, Color, Scan and FAX). Since they are out of warranty by the time this happens Lexmark has been no help. I try to reset the count, but that fails.

How many pages can a Lexmark cs310n scan?

Standout performance and maximum yield deliver a true investment in efficiency for Lexmark CS310N, CS310DN, CS410N, CS410DTN, CS410DN, CX310N, CX310DN, CX410DTE, CX410DE, CX410E, CS510DE, CS510DTE, CX510DTHE, CX510DE and CX510DHE. Imaging unit lasts approximately 40,000 pages.

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