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Frequently Asked Questions

Does LifeLock have a mobile app?

With the mobile app, our patented LifeLock Identity Alert® System† will send alerts directly to your mobile device. Respond to alerts right away. All your alerts, in one place, in your pocket. With the mobile app, not only will you be able to receive alerts† via push notification, but you'll also be able to respond to them right away.

Does LifeLock work when your online identity is stolen?

The restoration services provided by LifeLock will work with you to minimize the damage from identity theft, as well as to restore your identity . The Million Dollar Protection Package provides up to $1 million for stolen funds reimbursement, personal expense compensation, and coverage for lawyers and experts.

How do I cancel LifeLock?

How to cancel LifeLock. To cancel your LifeLock membership: Go to and log into your account. In the membership portal, click Request Support –> Click Cancel to terminate your membership. Keep your cancellation confirmation in case of any future complications.

Does LifeLock own Norton?

LifeLock was acquired by computer security company Symantec in 2017. After selling its enterprise division to Broadcom, the company was renamed Norton LifeLock in November 2019; the same year, the company also began to offer versions of its Norton 360 subscription service with LifeLock included.

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