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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a wireless pager system?

Pager Genius offers the industry's first patented fully wireless rechargeable pager system. With our rechargeable wireless transmitters you will be able to page pagers in remote areas. Whether you are paging from a remote hostess stand or in the middle of a warehouse Pager Genius Systems will have you covered.

How does the pager genius system work?

The Pager Genius System is a wireless call button system that does not connect to the WiFi or phone lines. You simply plug it into a power outlet and start using it right away. The Pager Genius System has zero monthly fees and just requires power. Charging takes less than one hour, and a fully charged pager stays active for up to four days.

What features are included in the pager system?

Programmable LED Flashing lights, vibration, alarm. Range up to 2 Miles. Add you logo or Advertising on the pager. Anti-theft & Auto-locate minimizes pager loss. (Out of Range Feature)

Which is the best pager system for a restaurant?

NOLAS Social Distancing Keeping Pagers for Restaurants Paging System Coast Buzzer… Retekess TD174 Wireless Calling System,Low Battery Indicator,Restaurant Paging… CallToU Caregiver Pager Wireless SOS Call Button Nurse Alert System Help Button for…

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