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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the most popular texting abbreviations?

1. LOL This is perhaps the most ubiquitous texting acronym. Short for “laughing out loud,” “LOL” is now used to express even the mildest amusement. You can respond “LOL!!” perhaps paired with one of these popular emojis when your friend tells you a hilarious story, but you can also just say something like, “I forgot to have breakfast today, LOL.”

How can I effectively use texting abbreviations?

A shortened form of a word or phrase, text abbreviations help save time and characters in things like social media posts and text messages. Many text abbreviations are also used as slang, especially by younger generations, and keeping up-to-date on the latest text shorthand can help you communicate better with your audience.

Are there any texting abbreviations that should be avoided?

Definitely avoid abbreviations with foul language in them when you’re sending business text messages. It’s already hard to convey tone through text, and adding edgy abbreviations just complicates this task. Play it safe and stick to family-friendly slang. 3.

Is it appropriate to use texting abbreviations in formal communication?

While they often appear to be misspellings, especially if your phone's autocorrect doesn't fully understand your texting vocabulary, they are an important part of modern communication. Because of character limits in texts or especially in tweets, people often use abbreviations or acronyms to get their point across.

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