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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I hand enter listings into ListHub for distribution?

There is one place where listings must be kept accurate – the MLS. Unlike other platforms that distribute listings, ListHub does not provide any functionality for brokers or agents to hand enter listings into ListHub for distribution. ListHub requires connectivity to a reliable accurate data source.

What is listing syndication and how does it work?

Listing syndication is a method of advertising whereby brokers distribute or ‘syndicate’ active listing information to a wide variety of websites, mobile apps, and print publications to reach diverse consumers searching for properties to buy.

Does ListHub charge fees to the MLS or brokers?

ListHub does not charge fees to the MLS or to the brokers for the basic listing syndication service, but our agreement with the MLS does cover proper use and security of broker data. The MLS provides ListHub with a single set of RETS credentials to access and pull active listings from the MLS for brokers that choose to use the service.

What is the difference between ListHub pro and brobrokers?

Brokers with a free ListHub account can choose to send their listings to all websites or select individually from the list. ListHub Pro customers can access branded eMarketing flyers with their specific publisher website choices within their account dashboard to demonstrate their online marketing strategy in listing presentations.

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