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Frequently Asked Questions

Is listing syndication and idx the same thing?

Internet Data Exchange (IDX), Listing Syndications, and Internet Display are not the same thing. Although opting out of one may result in opting out of another, they are not all mutually exclusive. Internet Data Exchange (IDX): IDX is the sharing of listings with other brokers for the public to see.

What is listing syndication?

Syndication refers to any type of feed that pushes data from one source to another. Listing syndication takes your listing data and publishes them to various listing websites. Listing syndication has become one of the most sought-after marketing methods for listing data by real estate professionals in recent years.

What is a pending listing in real estate?

A pending home listing is a listing where the seller has accepted a contract from a buyer to purchase the home and is now awaiting closing. Real estate contracts are binding on both parties, so a pending listing is generally not available for purchase by another buyer unless the previous buyer backs out of the transaction.

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