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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Lite page in chrome?

Chrome will then request a lite version of the HTTPS URL as it was cached by Google's servers, and display this stripped-down version inside the user's browser using a "Lite" marker in the address bar. Lite Pages, Google says, can improve page loading times by up to 90 percent on slow connections where they'd usually take tens of seconds, ...

What is Google search Lite app?

Google Search Lite is a pint-sized version of the classic Google Search app, geared mainly towards countries with slower internet connections. From the main menu within this app you get quick access to Google search engine, image search, news, Google translator, and weather updates.

How to block Lite pages in Google Chrome?

Note that you need to enable Data Saver as well on Chrome for Android by selecting Menu > Settings > Data Saver, and toggling the feature on the page that opens. Webmasters may add a "no-transform" directive in the cache-control header to block Chrome from showing Lite pages of a site.

What is Lite mode in Google Chrome?

Use less data and browse faster with Chrome’s Lite mode When you browse with Lite mode, you may use less mobile data and you may load web pages faster. How Lite mode works When you use Lite mode, some of your web traffic may go through Google servers before being downloaded to your device.

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