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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Lite pages in Google Chrome?

Google announced today a new Chrome feature named Lite Pages that will improve page loading times for HTTPS pages on Chrome for Android. Lite Pages will be part of Chrome for Android's existing "Data Saver" feature, which debuted half a decade ago and until now only supported speeding up HTTP pages.

What are loadlite pages and how to use them?

Lite Pages are designed to make pages load faster in Chrome if the network conditions are unreliable or if the connection speed is very slow. Google claims that Data Saver, a data saving feature of Chrome that users need to activate before it becomes available, saves up to 90% of data and makes pages load up to two times faster.

What are Google's experiencelite pages and how do they work?

Lite Pages, Google says, can improve page loading times by up to 90 percent on slow connections where they'd usually take tens of seconds, if not minutes.

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