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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the key differences between a LLC and a LLP?

The difference between LLC and LLP can be drawn clearly on the following grounds: A business vehicle that is privately held and unites the elements of company and partnership is called LLC. ... The owners of LLC are known as members, whereas the LLP is owned by the partners. Memorandum and Articles of Association are the two documents which consist of all the details regarding LLC. ... More items...

Is LLP a corporate entity?

An LLP shall be a body corporate and a legal entity separate from its partners. It will have perpetual succession. Indian Partnership Act, 1932 shall not be applicable to LLPs and there shall not be any upper limit on number of partners in an LLP unlike an ordinary partnership firm where the maximum number of partners can not exceed 20.

Is it LP or LLP?

A limited partnership (LP) is also a business entity formed by two or more individuals to conduct business for profit. However, an LP must consist of one or more limited partners and at least one general partner. The general partner may be a corporation instead of an individual. As with an LLP,...

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