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Frequently Asked Questions

What to expect after a lobectomy?

Your doctor will give you detailed instructions when you leave that may include:Pain management - you may feel sore after the procedure for up to a week. ...Treating hyperthyroidism - some patients develop hypothyroidism after a thyroid lobectomy. ...Supplements you may need - if you have low calcium level, your doctor may recommend taking supplements.

What are the risks of lobectomy?

shortness of breathtrouble breathingpain when breathinga high feverswelling, redness, or pain around the incisionany kind of changes in your mental state

Do you need a chest tube after a lobectomy?

Why do you need a chest tube after a lobectomy? One or more chest tubes are used after surgery to drain your chest cavity of fluid and blood, which are present after lung surgery. The chest tubes also help your lungs refill with air.

How does a lobectomy treat lung cancer?

A lobectomy is a surgery done to treat lung cancer by removing one or two lobes of the lung. It is a partial lung removal surgery that can be done to remove cancerous lung masses and growths. When done to treat cancer, the goals are to remove as much cancer as possible and to prevent the spread of cancer from the lungs to other parts of the body.

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