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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the longer orange 10 3D printer?

The Longer Orange 10 is the entry-level 3D printer in the Orange lineup and sits below the Orange 30 and Orange 4K in both price and features. It’s available from the Longer site for $139, a surprisingly-low price that is around the cheapest I’ve seen a 3D printer of any kind for sale.

Are the longer orange 10 products safe to use?

The Longer Orange 10 uses 405nm UV resin, a material that you need to handle safely when in an uncured state to avoid injury. The resin can be harmful when making contact with skin, so make sure to wear gloves when pouring, cleaning up, or handling uncured resin.

Is orange 10 compatible with chitubox?

And Orange 10 is also compatible with Chitubox. Orange 10 is equipped with temperature detective, when the UV LED temperature is abnormal, it will be auto pause, and resume print after back to normal, provide a safe printing environment and save materials.

What makes the Orange 10 different from other resin vats?

The Orange 10 is with declined built plate which will facilitates the resin flow back to the resin vat. And this design could prevent the resin is dripping out from the plate for recycle use.

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