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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when I book a room at lsbsu?

When the room booking request has been sent to the room holder, the Opportunities team will add your booking to the LSBSU Societies or LSBSU Sports Clubs Google Calendar, and invite you to the event using your group’s Gmail address.

Where can I find LSBU accommodation?

Some of our LSBU accommodation is conveniently situated on the banks of the River Thames, within touching distance of all that London has to offer. If you have any questions about our accommodation options, you can call us, or send us a quick message on Live Chat. Our booking consultants will be happy to answer all your questions.

How do I find student accommodation near London South Bank University?

Applying for student accommodation near London South Bank University is easy with Use our filter feature and mapping function to compare student properties by price, amenities and location. After you’ve found your ideal flat for rent near London South Bank University, click ‘View rooms’ to go to its property page.

Where can I book a group study room on Southwark campus?

On Southwark campus, we have 22 group study rooms you can book - 17 in the LSBU Hub Library and 5 in the Keyworth Centre In the LSBU Hub Library: Rooms 1 to 11 are on Level 3 ; Rooms 12 to 17 are on Level 2 In the Keyworth Centre: rooms are on Levels 3. 4. 5 and 7 . Rooms can be booked by LSBU students only.

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