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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find Luffy's bounty poster?

His bounty is (non-canonically) the highest in East Blue, surpassing even Luffy 's first bounty. His wanted poster is seen in the intro alongside others Movie 9. Possibly retracted after returning all his stolen treasure and his death. From One Piece: The Movie. His bounty poster can be seen in Stampede. From One Piece: The Movie.

Why is there a bounty on Luffy in the game?

During Doflamingo's game, for his interference in Doflamingo's business, Luffy was ranked as a "Three Stars Enemy", meaning he was worth 300,000,000. After the events on Dressrosa and the downfall on Doflamingo rule, the bounty is no longer active. This bounty was issued despite Luffy's still active World Government's bounty.

What is Gally's bounty?

In One Piece: Romance Dawn Story, Gally's bounty is 5,000,000 as seen on his wanted poster that he keeps with him. From the second movie: Clockwork Island Adventure.

Which card shows Lindbergh's bounty in one piece?

↑ Vivre Card - One Piece Visual Dictionary (Card #1188), Lindbergh's bounty is revealed. ↑ Vivre Card - One Piece Visual Dictionary (Card #0747), Koala's blacked out wanted poster is shown.

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