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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is recovery from lumbar laminectomy?

The recovery time for laminectomy or discectomy depends on how much tissue is removed and the location of the surgery. Additionally, age, comorbidities, and muscle tone play a role. It usually takes between six weeks and six months or longer for a complete recovery. The rate of recovery depends on postoperative care.

What is laminectomy and how dangerous is a laminectomy procedure?

Laminectomy is not considered to be a dangerous procedure when compared to some of the other surgical procedures that are done of other organ systems of the body. It has the same inherent risks that any other surgery would entail.

What is the recovery time for lumbar fusion?

The fusion will usually take a few months to fully set, which is why patients need to follow postoperative instructions so closely. By six months after fusion surgery, most patients should expect to be cleared to resume most if not all daily activities.

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