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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the best spine surgeon in America?

University of Virginia neurosurgeons Dr. Chris Shaffrey and Dr. Justin Smith have been named among the 18 best spine surgeons in North America. The distinction comes from Orthopedics This Week, and is based on a survey of what the publication calls “thought leaders in the field.”

What is the best doctor for spine pain?


What do you call a spine specialist?

Physician SpecialistsThe physical medicine and rehabilitation (PM&R) doctor has a four-year residency after medical school that is different from the orthopaedist, spine surgeon, or neurosurgeon. ...The neurologist also can have an excellent understanding of spinal disorders. ...The rheumatologist is another choice as a treating physician. ...More items...

What causes lumbar spine pain?

Serious Causes of Lumbar PainCauda equina syndrome. This occurs when there is a severe disc herniation that presses on multiple nerves at once.Vertebral fracture. This is hard to diagnose, pain tends to be severe and localized but may also radiate to other areas. ...Infection. This is rare but serious. ...Spinal tumors. ...

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