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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does lumbar spine fusion surgery cost on average?

The fusion process uses small fragments of bones harvested from the hip or from another donor and fuses the pieces between the damaged vertebrae. Metal rods and screws reinforce and hold the vertebrae in place. This procedure costs an average of £7,800 to £9,750. Removal of bones during a spinal fusion can cost approximately £1,950.

How long is recovery from lumbar laminectomy?

The recovery time for laminectomy or discectomy depends on how much tissue is removed and the location of the surgery. Additionally, age, comorbidities, and muscle tone play a role. It usually takes between six weeks and six months or longer for a complete recovery. The rate of recovery depends on postoperative care.

What is the average cost of a lumbar spine MRI?

The price of a lumbar MRI is influenced by several factors such as the facility/hospital you choose, whether or not any insurance is available, the geographical location, and whether or not a contrast substance will be used. However, you should plan on spending anywhere between $550 and more than $3,200 without insurance for a lumbar spine MRI.

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