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Frequently Asked Questions

How old is MacLaine Maclean?

Maclaine was born in Richmond, Virginia, the United States on April 24, 1934, aged (84). She is the daughter of Ira Owens Beaty (father) and Kathlyn Corinne MacLean (mother).

Is it spelled MacLaine or Maclaine?

The earliest record of ‘MacLaine’ spelling seems to be 1717. So it’s only 300 years ago that the Lochbuie Chief’s family—in an effort to more clearly identify their separateness from the Duarts—took to spelling their name Maclaine. However, most branches and cadets stayed with the “lean” spelling.

What is the origin of Shirley MacLaine?

Shirley MacLaine was born Shirley MacLean Beaty in Richmond, Virginia. Her mother, Kathlyn Corinne (MacLean), was a drama teacher from Nova Scotia, Canada, and her father, Ira Owens Beaty, a professor of psychology and real estate agent, was from Virginia. Her brother, Warren Beatty, was born on March 30, 1937. Her ancestry includes English and ...

Who is the 26th Chief of Clan Maclaine?

Lorne Maclaine of Lochbuie, 26th Chief of Clan Maclaine of Lochbuie (middle), with his son, Angus Maclaine or Lochbuie, the Younger (right) and Cameron Maclaine, Angus' son. Origin of Name: MacGhille Eoin (Gaelic) - means "Son of the Servant of John".

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