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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are diamond art kits made?

✔ [MADE IN THE USA]: We are the 1st and only Diamond Art Kits Company Manufacturing in the USA. Our team is committed to provide the best and fastest service to you. From Small to Large Diamond Painting, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

How to choose a diamond painting kit?

There are many diamond painting kits available in the market but it is not easy to find a good one. It is best to choose a kit that has been designed with the needs of people in mind.

Is diamond painting a good hobby?

✔ [#1 TOP RATED]: we got a winner and it is: Diamond Painting! Everybody is getting into this new hobby, better than Cross Stitch Kits, Rhinestones, Embroidery, Paint by numbers for adults and so forth. Diamond Art gets together all the best from your old favorite hobbies in just one Art Kit.

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