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Frequently Asked Questions

How did Wally West get to be the Flash?

A huge fan of the Flash, Wally West was at his soon-to-be-uncle Barry's lab when he got to meet his hero, who told him of his origin. However, as fate would have it, the exact same accident that transformed Barry into the Flash happened to Wally, who became Kid Flash, and after Barry's death, the Flash.

Who is the Flash in the DC Comics?

The Flash is a Character produced by DC Comics. Often called "The Fastest Man Alive", the mantle of the Flash has been worn by six individuals, all with the power of extraordinary speed stemming from a mysterious realm called the Speed Force.

How did kryad get his powers in the Flash?

After being beaten by Barry Allen (The Flash (vol. 1) #309, May 1982), he went back further in time and used the chemicals from the clothes Barry Allen was wearing when he gained his powers. Kryad gave his life to defeat the alien creature.

How did Barry Allen become the second flash?

Barry Allen was a police chemist who had a penchant for always being late. While working in his lab one night, a bolt of lightning struck a shelf of chemicals. Though not feeling any different, Barry soon discovered he had gained superspeed. A fan of Jay Garrick's, he decided to carry on his legacy as the second Flash.

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