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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find my mailchimp login?

Check the “ login” Portal here to get the information that you are looking for and Just click on the result pages. Login | Mailchimp

How do I change my Mailchimp password?

Open the authenticator app on your mobile device to auto-generate a new passcode each time you log in to Mailchimp. If your passcode is rejected, there are a couple troubleshooting steps that you can take. Make sure the auto-generated passcode is for your Mailchimp account.

What is the day of the month to send a monthly RSS campaign in MailChimp?

The day of the month to send a monthly RSS Campaign. Acceptable days are 1-32, where ‘0’ is always the last day of a month. Months with fewer than the selected number of days will not have an RSS campaign sent out that day. For example, RSS Campaigns set to send on the 30th will not go out in February

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