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Frequently Asked Questions

What does a maitre d do at a restaurant?

The maitre d' (or headwaiter) is a top staffer at a quality restaurant. A maitre'd at a restaurant may act as a sommelier and also offer wine pairings for different foods. A maitre d will work closely with the chefs and kitchen staff to ensure the restaurant is running smoothly.

What does Maitre mean in French?

Maitre or Maître is a French-language title, associated with lawyers. It is also a surname, equivalent to the English "Master". Notable people with the surname include: Jean-Philippe Maitre (1949–2006), Swiss politician.

What is 'Maitre' in English?

A Maitre d'Hotel, often abbreviated as Maitre d', is the headwaiter of a dining establishment, responsible for ensuring that the connection between kitchen and dining room runs smoothly. In French, the title means “master of the establishment,” but the word has also been accepted into common English usage.

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