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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Post Malone have a face tattoo?

(CNN) Instead of throwing down the gauntlet, Post Malone put it on his face. The singer/rapper has debuted a new face tattoo to add to his collection. The medieval gauntlet is featured prominently in photo posted Tuesday on tattoo artist Kyle Hediger's Instagram account. Last tattoo of 2019.

Which celebrities have face tattoos?

Post Malone (center), Adam Levine (left) and Lil Wayne are among the celebrities with memorable face tattoos. Prince Williams/WireImage The human body is a work of art. And these celebrities have no problem layering on the art by inking up their own physiques.

Does Mike Tyson have a tattoo?

Mike Tyson is somewhat a pioneer in the realm of celebrity face tattoos, having had his for nearly two decades. The boxer has a swirl pattern on his face, wrapping around his eye and stretching from his upper forehead to below his cheekbone.

Which rapper has the most face tattoos?

Lil Wayne has the most face tattoos out of any rappers on this list. He has at least 25 tattoos on his face. He got “I AM MUSIC” tattooed over his eye, “Fear” and “God” over his eyelids. Lil Wayne has a number 17 tattoo on the side of his face, “BAKED” on his forehead, and some teardrops under both his eyes.

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