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Frequently Asked Questions

What is MannKind Corporation?

About MannKind MannKind Corporation (Nasdaq: MNKD) focuses on the development and commercialization of innovative therapeutic products and devices to address serious unmet medical needs for those living with endocrine and orphan lung diseases.

Did Jim Cramer say to sell MannKind Corp (mnkd)?

When asked about MannKind Corp (NASDAQ: MNKD), Cramer said, "No one ever likes me to say anything bad about Mannkindâ?¦What happens if it's not a good company? To me it does." He therefore recommended selling the stock. Cramer just said to sell! Are there any reliable records which show Cramer’s stock picking ability?

What is it like to work at MannKind?

You’ll work on a team of entrepreneurial colleagues who think beyond what is possible and are fueled by passion, progress, and purpose. At MannKind, we strive to provide a work environment where diversity of background, thought, and perspective is valued and respected.

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