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Frequently Asked Questions

Did Mariah Carey have a baby?

Carey took a very small sip of the sparkling wine, which prompted DeGeneres to say, “You’re pregnant!” Carey confirmed that she was pregnant at the time of the interview, but miscarried soon after, People reported. “I wasn’t ready to tell anyone because I had had a miscarriage,” Carey told Vulture.

Is Mariah Carey expecting twins?

the couple will be expecting to welcome their children in June of this year. If you recall, Cannon already shares one pair of 9-year-old twins with Mariah Carey named Morrocan and Monroe.

Is Mariah Carey hair real?

The singer didn't say which dye she had used. Is Mariah Carey hair real? Mariah Carey's natural hair color is ash brown with natural curls, too. Since rising to fame, Carey has chosen to dye her hair blond and style it straight instead of keeping her natural curls.

Did Mariah Carey give birth to twins?

Popstar Mariah Carey gave birth to twins Moroccan and Monroe in 2011 after a devastating miscarriage. The star discussed her use of progesterone to reduce her chances of a second miscarriage before...

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