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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Mario Party bonus stars?

In the Mario Party series, Bonus Stars are extra stars that goes to the players based on their performance throughout the game. They are always awarded at the end of the game in Party Mode. In Mario Party - Mario Party 6, they give out 3 while in Mario Party 7 - Mario Party DS they can only give you 3 out of 6.

How many minigames are in Super Mario Party?

There are 50 Mario Party minigames (56 if the player counts the different courses of some minigames), including twenty-four 4-player minigames, ten 1-vs-3 mini-games, five 2-vs-2 minigames, ten single-player minigames and an unlockable 1P Bumper Ball Maze minigame.

When does Mario Party come out?

It was released in Japan in December 1998, and in North America and Europe in early 1999. Mario Party is the first installment in the Mario Party series and was followed by Mario Party 2, released in 1999 and 2000 for the same system.

What is the newest Mario Party?

Nintendo has announced a new Mario Party at Nintendo Direct, called Mario Party Superstars, planned for release on October 29. Mario Party Superstars is a collection of previous Mario Party boards and minigames, all retooled and remastered for this new title.

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