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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best Mario game?

"Super Mario 3D World," simply put, is the best Mario game that's been made in the last five years (before "Odyssey," that is). It's gorgeous, fresh, and perfectly designed. Like the best "Super Mario" games of the modern era, it seamlessly blends nostalgia-laced gameplay with fresh twists.

Is Mario 64 DS on 3DS?

Players can still play Super Mario 64 on their 3DS if they can find a copy of the 2004 DS port, but it may not run as smoothly as the fan-rebuilt port. For those who don't want to play the DS port or who don't want to modify their systems, an alleged remaster of Super Mario 64 is coming to the Nintendo Switch later this year.

Is Super Mario Galaxy for 3DS?

Super Mario Galaxy 3DS is a sequel to Super Mario Galaxy 2 in development for the upcoming Nintendo 3DS. It is known to make uses of the console's 3D capabilities and will most likely implement the unrevealed features of the handheld.

Is Mario Kart 8 for the Nintendo 3DS?

Mario Kart 8 is a racing game developed primarily by Nintendo EAD, with Namco Bandai Holdings assisting, for the Wii U. It is the eighth installment in the main Mario Kart series (hence the game's name) and, including the arcade games, the eleventh overall. This installment is the follow-up game of the Nintendo 3DS title Mario Kart 7.

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