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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Rex in Super Mario World?

Rexes are rare enemies in Super Mario World who act like Goombas, simply walking in Mario's direction. They are usually found in small groups. In order to defeat a Rex, Mario needs to jump on it twice. After being jumped on once, a Rex simply becomes flattened and moves slightly quicker.

Where can I find the T Rex in Super Mario Odyssey?

The T-Rex is an enemy that appears in Super Mario Odyssey. He can be found in the Cascade Kingdom, in the dark forest of the Wooded Kingdom and the Metro Kingdom in a bonus stage where the player gets chased.

How did Super rex turn into Super Rex?

Rex attempts to stomp on Mario, but Mario steals his shoe and tries to use it as a Goomba's Shoe, only to be overpowered by its odor. Yoshi then tries and fails to make Rex remember good memories. Meanwhile, the Magikoopa decides it is time to finish off Mario and his friends, and gives the Rex bigger wings, transforming him into a Super Rex.

What kind of dinosaur is Rex Rex?

Rexes are dinosaur-like dragons who inhabit Dinosaur Land and other places, first appearing in Super Mario World. Their English name is the Latin word for "king", and is likely derived from the predatory dinosaur Tyrannosaurus rex.

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