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Frequently Asked Questions

What did Mario destroy in SML?

Vandalism: In various SML episodes, Mario destroys many things he does not own. He destroys Jeffy's phone in Jeffy's Favorite Song!, he popped Jeffy's balloons in Jeffy's Paper Shredder! and Scooter's Parents! Slavery: In Mario Sells Jeffy!, he sold Jeffy to Goodman in order to win $10,000,000.

Who is Mario in Super Mario Galaxy?

Note: This will only be a short description. For more information, check out the main SML wiki Mario is the owner of the location of the series, as well as one of yh the 2 main protagonists. He is the oldest character of the show, and has the most experience.

What was supermariologan's first SML video?

It involves Mario becoming alive and going out of the TV. He runs to the fridge to have milk, but he gets super big. This was SuperMarioLogan's first-ever video uploaded. Before Logan actually started making SML Movies, Logan made some videos that act as a pre-season 1, or Season 0. This was set in the Beta Age, which preceded the Golden Age.

What are the SML movies?

SML Movies (2009–present) - The series of usually 8-22 minute videos centers the bizarre, unintelligent humorous life and adventures of Mario, Bowser Junior, and Jeffy, along with the rest of the gang. These are series that are within SML Movies or SuperMarioLogan .

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