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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the definition of marque?

Definition of marque (Entry 2 of 2) : a brand or make of a product (such as a sports car) First Known Use of marque Noun (1)

Is a marquess a noble title?

Like other major Western noble titles, marquess (or marquis) is sometimes used to translate certain titles from non-Western languages with their own traditions, even though they are, as a rule, historically unrelated and thus hard to compare. However, they are considered "equivalent" in relative rank.

Is it spelled marquess or Marquis?

In Great Britain, and historically in Ireland, the correct spelling of the aristocratic title of this rank is marquess (although on the European mainland and in Canada, the French spelling of marquis is used in English). In Scotland, the French spelling is also sometimes used.

What is the German equivalent of a marquess?

The German language equivalent is Markgraf (Margrave). A woman with the rank of a marquess or the wife (or widow) of a marquess is a marchioness or marquise. These titles are also used to translate equivalent Asian styles, as in Imperial China and Imperial Japan .

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