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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the teacher in Matilda?

Matilda: ( Pointing to Miss Honey ) This is my teacher, Miss Honey. She has something to talk to you. ( Matilda go to the kitchen to take some drinks for Miss Honey. ) Mrs. Wormwood: ( Angrily and very rude ) Don't you know that we are watching our favorite programme?

What was Matilda about to discover about herself?

But Matilda was about to discover that she could be her own friend, [The next scene shows Harry joyfully running to the house, laughing] that she had a kind of strength that she wasn't even aware of. [Harry goes into the house, smiling.] Harry: I'm great! I'm incredible! Michael, pencil and paper, in the kitchen. Ho-ooh.

What does the woman from couple 1 say to Matilda?

The woman from COUPLE 1 blows on a birthday cake as the table splits in two and MATILDA stands from behind it, holding a collection of books from one hand. My mummy says I'm a lousy little worm. My daddy says I'm a bore. That kids like me should be against the law. My daddy says I should learn to shut my pie-hole.

Where does matmatilda put the book?

MATILDA opens a cupboard at the front of the stage. Doesn't mean that you just have to grin and bear it. Nothing will change. [ She puts the book in the cupboard and hurries to the hat rack with a bottle reading "sooper gloo".

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