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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Matilda of Scotland?

Matilda of Scotland (c. 1080 – 1 May 1118), originally christened Edith, was Queen of England as the first wife of King Henry I. She acted as regent of England in the absence of her spouse on several occasions. Matilda was the daughter of the English princess Saint Margaret and the Scottish king Malcolm III. She was descended from Alfred the Great.

What happened to Matilda's father?

In 1093, Matilda was engaged to an English nobleman until her father and her brother Edward were killed in the Battle of Alnwick (1093). Her uncle Donald III seized the throne of Scotland, triggering a messy succession conflict.

Is it an honour to wear the Matildas Jersey?

“Timmy’s a legend in Australia, so to be even in the same conversation as him, it’s an amazing honour,” Kerr said. “I said after the game there’s no team I’d rather do it with. It’s an honour to wear the jersey for the Matildas.”

What does Matilda stand for?

She is known to have been crowned under a name favoured by the Normans, "Matilda" (from the Germanic Mahthilda, meaning "Might-Battle"), and was referred to as such throughout her husband's reign. Historians generally refer to her as "Matilda of Scotland"; in popular usage, she is referred to equally as "Matilda" or "Maud".

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