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Frequently Asked Questions

Will humanity live in peace soon?

Yes, humanity will live in peace very soon. Jagatguru Rampal Ji Maharaj will bring peace to the world. You must be wondering how Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj can bring peace in the world so the answer is that he is the last prophet of Supreme God.

Is God's peace permanent?

God’s peace is permanent and secure. When circumstances are free of conflict, we enjoy momentary peace. But when we face difficult relationships, health problems, and financial crisis, the momentary quiet is disrupted and chaos rules the day. Our God offers peace in the midst of chaos.

How can we achieve peace in the world?

So the most practical way to achieve peace in the world is for people in general to adopt a vegetarian diet. When we stop the wanton mass-slaughter of animals for food, the world over, the resultant horrific karmic reactions of such mass-murders, will cease. World peace seems like a far-fetched utopian concept when we look at today’s world.

Why are we offered peace with God?

In Christ, we are offered peace with God because we who “once were far off” (Ephesians 2:13) have been reconciled to God through Jesus’ death and resurrection. Jesus’ sacrifice addresses the root of the problem that the world ignores. By his sacrifice, he bridged the gap that sin inserted between us and God.

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