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Frequently Asked Questions

How many dogs are trained at McCann professional dog trainers?

On the McCann Pro... At McCann Professional Dog Trainers, we train more than 500 dogs every week in our training facility to become well-behaved family members. On the McCann Professional Dog Training channel, I'm going to help YOU to have a well-behaved four-legged family member.

Should I join McCann Dogs Home School?

If you like to work through things at your own pace; if you like to watch instruction more than once; if there are multiple members of your family that would like to participate in training; and if you can keep working through the material without someone ‘cracking the whip’, join us in McCann Dogs Home School!

Can My Dog do agility classes with McCanns?

For dogs who've completed Grade 1 Advanced Distraction Training and More! For the safety of all, students must do obedience classes with McCanns and have their instructors recommendation for Agility to participate. Priority for Agility classes is always given to current students.

Where can I find in-person dog training classes?

You and your puppy will ENJOY learning! Our In-Person Classes are held at our Training Facility in Flamborough, ON. If you are not local to us, please reach out to us at [email protected] for information on our online programs! Life-saving obedience for dogs 4 - 7 months of age.

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