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Frequently Asked Questions

What is this McCann dogs training bait pouch for?

This McCann Dogs training bait pouch will help you to have your food reward quickly available when you're training. Timing is EVERYTHING when it comes to training your dog.

How to use treats to train your dog?

Ken from McCann Dog Training provides a very helpful tip for using these treats. He recommends packaging these treats in individual portions in your fridge. So, when you are ready to work on training your dog, the correct portion for your dog is all ready to go! It makes the treats very convenient and easy to work with.

Why choose a McCann dogs leather leash?

These McCann Dogs leather leashes are a favorite among our trainers and students. Even with the toughest pulling dogs, these leashes feel great in your hands and they're the perfect length for walks, training, and just about any activity with your dog!

Why learn from Kayl McCann?

Due to her unmatched success in the agility world and immeasurable strength in motivating, reading and training dogs, it's only natural that people seek to learn from Kayl McCann. Watch Kayl speak at TedX McMasterU and meet some of her World Champions! Join our email list!

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