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Frequently Asked Questions

What is McCann Erickson?

McCann is one of the world's largest agency networks. With operations in over 120 countries and some nine decades of multinational experience, McCann Erickson has been recognized as the creator of the modern global advertising agency model and has created some of the best-known and most iconic advertising campaigns of the last century.

Is McCann still a global agency?

Reflecting that recovery, McCann was named as Adweek's Global Agency of the Year at the end of 2019, its first such global accolade in two decades. McCann is still arguably Interpublic's flagship network, with offices in 93 countries worldwide from Albania to Zimbabwe and all stops inbetween.

Who is the CEO of McCann Entertainment 2021?

Chris Macdonald, previously president of the main McCann advertising network, was confirmed as its chairman & CEO in 2021. Also that year, global creative chief Rob Reilly resigned to become group CCO of WPP.

Why work with McCann?

McCann is part of McCann Wordgroup, one of the world's largest marketing communications networks united by a single mission: to help brands play a meaningful role in people’s lives. This commitment focuses on creating work that earns a role in people’s lives by being interesting, evocative and useful.

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