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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose MNZ janitorial for commercial cleaning services?

MNZ Janitorial are prepared to clean and disinfect your office or business according to the protocols set forth by the CDC. Learn More... Learn More... We provide commercial cleaning services in Los Angeles, with a promise to offer 100% client satisfaction!

Why call the best janitorial cleaning business in Los Angeles?

Expect the best if you’re ready for a spotless office, call the cleaning business with a spotless reputation. We work safely and diligently to ensure that all cleaning is performed to the highest industry standard, cutting no corners, and providing the best possible janitorial and office cleaning in Los Angeles.

What is a janitorial “employer?

The Act defines a janitorial “employer” to mean anyone that employs at least one covered worker or otherwise engages by contracts, subcontracts, or franchise arrangements for the provision of janitorial services by one or more covered workers.

Why choose S&W janitorial services?

At S & W Janitorial Services Inc. we are focused on your health, safety, comfort and productivity, as well as that of your employees and family members. As human beings, we simply function better in a clean environment.

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