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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is James McCann?

Jim McCann (musician) James McCann (26 October 1944 – 5 March 2015) was an Irish entertainer and folk musician.

Where does Jim McCann live now?

McCann lives in the Philip L. Becker House in Flower Hill, New York, with his wife, Marylou, and three children. Additionally, he is a minority owner of the New York Mets, holding a 4% stake in the baseball team. "Stop and Sell the Roses" - An autobiography written by McCann in 1998.

What happened to Mark McCann?

McCann's death was announced by his family on 5 March 2015. He had been battling throat cancer for some time. ^ Geraghty, Des (1994). Luke Kelly: A Memoir.

How did Michael McCann start his music career?

As a young man, McCann attended University College Dublin as a student of medicine, but became interested in folk music during a summer holiday in Birmingham in 1964. He began to perform in folk clubs in the area, and, upon his return to Dublin, he joined a group called the Ludlow Trio in 1965.

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